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History & Future

“I see our company as a house that we’ll never complete, we can always improve it but never complete it… In the early days our first staff members and I were the guys in the trenches digging the foundations, even when the trenches collapsed we carried on digging as we knew there was something beautiful that would be built on our deep and solid foundations, so the hard work would be worth it. We all wanted to get out the trench and take the easy route but success and greatness is built on failures and mistakes with the superb skill of GRIT… We’re only at damp course of the Mount Contracts house and have so much more building and improving to do, but at least we know as our amazing team constructs the superstructure it’s built on the best foundation it could be possibly built on!


Like most companies and people we’re always looking forward to the next growth opportunity and how we can improve our business. However when looking back Mount Contracts Ltd started off with small repairs and installs on domestic contracts and has now grown into a multimillion pound company delivering large scale projects nationwide and now gradually pushing internationally…

Knowing our growth has been organic and through word of mouth through surveyors and contracts managers, we are now seeing the benefits of our superb reputation that is upheld by all our team, from ensuring our projects are managed effectively to ensuring our sites are spotlessly clean and tidy.

Luke Blanshard - Managing Director

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