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Vision | Mission | Values

Our Vision

Infinite business growth

"Having rapid growth in a controlled environment has allowed us to employ an amazing and stable workforce with a low turnover of staff, we believe if we pay our staff well and support them in and out of work they will help our business achieve the greatness it has the capability of achieving"

Our Mission

Keep the planet green

"We are currently in the process of gaining our PAS 2035 accreditation to ensure we are working to the highest level available to help our planet, we are also learning everyday and relish the opportunity to grow into a leading role model in the construction and maintenance industry. Mount Contracts future depends on how we work and act now."

Our Values

Keep our clients energy costs low

"We know that if our installations are poor it is going to cost our customers a large amount of unforeseen money in their energy bills, with the cost of living going up we want to help our clients save money and ensure their emissions are as low as possible and this all ties back into our vision and mission."

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